Our Programs



       Toddler / Preschool (2's & 3's)

Providing a safe and nurturing learning environment, our Toddler/Preschool teachers incorporate hands-on learning centers, art, and music.  As students progress, we introduce an age-appropriate academic curriculum that promotes active learning, creative thinking, and problem solving skills.  Our Pre-School students have the option of a half-day or full-day program.  Our Toddler program is half-day only.




    Pre-Kindergarten / Kindergarten    

Our dedicated Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten teachers provide a warm and structured learning environment to guide your child toward reaching milestones and achieving success.  Our Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten program is five days a week; however, our Pre-Kindergarten students have the option of attending half-day or full-day.  We offer an age-appropriate academic curriculum and activities to stimulate the child's growth and development.  Our curriculum incorporates all aspects of learning including reading readiness, writing, math skills, social studies, science, art, and music.  Our goal is to build a foundation of learning that will help your child succeed in elementary school.





Our Elementary program provides a positive, structured environment in which all students are able to learn, thrive, and be supported; with a focus on academic excellence, classes with low student/teacher ratio, and whole-child character development.  Our curriculum is faith-based with an emphasis on language, reading, math, history and science.  Art, music, and PE are also incorporated into the weekly schedule.  Our desire is is to instill in each child a life-long love for learning and success.




Parents and Guardians are encouraged to join us for on-campus school events, such as our annual Wheel-a-Thon, Harvest Day, Captain Carl's Mobile Tidepool, Music Programs, and so much more!  Parents and Guardians of elementary students may also sign up to help chaperone off-campus field trips.